Trustee and Adviser Profiles


The Ngai Tukairangi Trust trustees are collectively and personally responsible for the safe guard, management and growth of the Trust’s assets.  The Trust currently has seven trustee positions, with a three year tenure for each trustee.
Two trustees are rotated off each year at the annual general meeting.  Elections are held on the same day and previous trustees have the opportunity to be re-elected for another term.

Current Trustees as at 2017 AGM                          

Ratahi Cross (Chair) Elected 2007
Riri Ellis (Vice Chair) Elected 2001
Neil Te Kani Elected 2003
Ngawa Hall Elected 2003
Carlo Ellis Elected 2009
Joshua Gear Elected 2013
Helen Te Kani Elected 2014


Previous Trustees



Turirangi Te Kani 1987 1990
Toa Faulkner 1987 2001
Mahaki Ellis 1987 2009
Wiparera Te Kani 1987 2003
Licoln Smith 1987 2003
Matiu Dickson 1987  1991?
Pokai Waiari 1987 2001
William Hiamoe  1991? 2007
Mahaki Te Kani  1991? 2003
Pua Taikato 2001 2004
Mere Lambert 2003 2013
Anaru Timutimu 2004 2014


Trust Advisers

The Trust utilises a number of advisers including:

Legal Cooney Lees Morgan
Financial Adviser

James Stewart

Accounting   The Accounting Collective
Auditor   William Buck
Property Management  Property Solutions
Shareholder Information Te Awanui Huka Pak Ltd




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